Filming in 2018

Matthew L. Sisk, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of the Practice / Data Scientist

I am passionate about the intersection of Data Science, Teaching and Public Data.

I am part of the Lucy Family Institute for Data & Society at the University of Notre Dame. I am an expert on using spatial tools to ask questions in a variety of disciplines. I teach college classes on GIS and data visualization.

I also do private consulting on spatial analysis, GIS infrastructure development, public library impact assessment and ecological modelling.

Topically, my research can be divided into three main categories

  1. Environmental health. Most recently, my work has focused on using digital tools to understand where the local environment can cause health risks.
  2. Retro-computing. I have have had a long-standing interest in the early days of the home computer and the ways that technology used and experimented with other mediums.
  3. Human adaptive strategies. My dissertation focused on using ecological modelling techniques to understand the settlement strategy of Neanderthals and Early Modern Humans. I also published several papers on projectile technology and how it expands the ecological niche that humans can exploit.

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